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Key Specifications:-

Dual SIM, 5.7 Inches Screen, Full HD Display, Android Jelly Bean 4.2 OS, 1G 2G 3G, 2GB RAM, 1.5Ghz Quad Core Processor, 13 MP Camera and 4000 mAh Battery.XOLO Q3000 Review

Review :-

Xolo is one of highly valuable Indian Mobile Brand Supported by Intel. Xolo is known for its excellent designed mobile phones. Last time I reviews XOLO X2000 which has a tremendous positive response from readers. I sincerely thank for all readerships and appreciation. After Good response to my review for XOLO Q2000, I decided to experience little more the awesomeness of XOLO’s devices.

Recently my cousin brother arranged a 20 day old XOLO Q3000 for me to experience and write a decent review to guide lakhs of interested phone buyers. I am writing this review based on my 7 days experience with Q3000. Now this beautiful Indian designed device is 27 days old. This review will contain input from my cousin brother’s friend 20 days experience and my 7 days Good and sweet life with this device.

We all agree that XOLO which is owned by LAVA, making decent position in the market.

According Latest Sales Figures Top Three Indian Mobile Companies are

  1. Micromax
  2. Karbonn
  3. XOLO ( owned by Lava)

As like other Indian Mobile company, XOLO is on the SAMSUNG way. XOLO is launching a number of devices and updated popular model. Q3000 is updated version of XOLO’s Q1000, Q2000 and Q… series.

Pros :-

  1. Looks : Xolo’s Devices Always have premium look. Therefore, we should not have a question regarding Beauty of Device. This Good looking Device. No Complain about Look in Q 3000. Q3000 is good looking, smart phone. Rubber and Plastic Finishing in Back give premium feel.
  2. Primary Camera : 13 MP Camera is Good and Clicks Nice Snaps. Here we have to note that there is a lot of difference in 13 MP camera of XOLO, 13 MP Camera of Samsung and 13 MP Camera of SONY. Of course Sony will be on no one position. One of my friends has Micromax Phone with 8 MP camera, produces worst photos compare to Samsung’s Front end VGA camera. Therefore do not compare and understand a device based on the figure. I believe the camera is good and does a good job.
  3. Secondary Camera : This camera is really good and does a better job than primary camera
  4. Low Light Photography: Best way to understand a camera quality is to test by doing low light photography. If your snaps are perfect in low light then the camera is certainly better. Q3000 is able to take really good stills in low light. Now do not compare this with Nokia’s Pure View which is best in the world at this time.
  5. Video Recording : 13 MP camera produces better videos compare to photos.
  6. Battery : Xolo’s has launched this device to counter SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 3. Can XOLO Q3000 Phone’s 4000 mAh battery will match with 3200 mAh powerful battery of Note 3? The Answer is NEVER. 4000 mAh of XOLO cannot match the power of Samsung’s 3200 mAh.  However Battery of Q3000 is excellent and supports hard multimedia tasking for more then 24 hours.
  7. Dual SIM – One in Normal Size
  8. I find this device in very good size.
  9. Flip cover is included in sales box which is good and saves you 500/-.
  10. OTG cable included in sales box which saves you 150/-.
  11. FHD display on 5.7 Inch Screen gives an awesome feel. Colors reproduction and viewing angle in XOLO Q3000 is simply awesome. FHD shows good depth of colors in clicked images.
  12. Absolutely NO lag during multitasking. For hard Gamer this phone is the perfect choice of moderate budget.
  13. Though this phone is large due to humongous screen, however it is quite thin and light, hence fits into trouser & jeans pocket easily.
  14. GPS connectivity is faster and using is wonderful experience due to the large screen.
  15. 16 GB internal memory is one of the key features of this phone as it saves you 1000/-.

Cons :-

  1. As usual worst headsets.
  2. Dual SIM – One is Mini / Micro SIM. So you have to cut your one SIM to fit in this phone.
  3. My cousin’s friend finds it oversize and bulky device
  4. Xolo’s service center is most pathetic service after Micromax and Karbonn. So think 100  times before considering this device in your shopping list.
  5. There is no edge with a gap around the speakers in the back of the phone. This creates problem while you keep your phone on desk and speaker gets a sound lock.
  6. Flash is not as per 20 K price quality.

Author’s Conclusion:-

At Price 21 thousand, this phone offers a lot, which makes it an attractive consideration.  However, after sales service is pathetic, which always scares me. Q3000 is very good at this price. Now the choice is yours.

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  1. Mahesh May 12, 2014 at 12:21 PM -  Reply

    Camera clarity should have been better.. if you are comparing it with Note 2…

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